professional RF / Microwave consulting, Testing anD Product Development


  • Design to Specification
  • Testing Service
  • EMI / EMC Design Help
  • Reverse Engineering
  • RF Simulations / Models
  • PCB Prototyping


We have RF strategies that work.  We will identify the technology, training, and processes to make your project successful. 

It is advice you can count on.  Once we have technical buy-in, we will accelerate the design through your process from start to finish.

MegaRF keeps you in the loop because communication is the key.  We want you to know where your design is at all times.

MegaRF Design has been there.  We have decades of design experience ready to create a comprehensive technical plan.





MegaRF Design, LLC is a small company in the northern county of San Diego, California and consults with major RF and microwave companies.  Our goal is to provide a quality engineering design service to develop quality RF and microwave products.  All levels of service are provided.  MegaRF will work with you from conception to schematics to layout to physical products and everything in between.  We make things happen!

Startups with consumer products are very common these days with UAS and IoT.  MegaRF designs and troubleshoots (co-site interference) low cost, high quality consumer products that provide a solution for the many needs of the world.  There are a number of projects in work but there is always room for more.  We seek the maximum margins possible with the best engineering practice. 

MegaRF is no stranger to the military market either.  We have a rich heritage in this arena.  Our designs are bulletproof because that is what the war fighter deserves.  If you have a tough requirement, let us provide the right solution.

We are completely outfitted to provide RF testing, environmental testing and PCB prototyping services all of which complements our consultant design service.  See our Cap
abilities Page for more information.

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