Let us design and build something for you today.  We are in San Diego's north county but work with customers around the world. 

PIN Switches

Various high power and low loss PIN diode switches at many kilowatts with very wide bandwidths.  Success where others fail.

SMT and chip / wire designs

Very fast PIN diode driver circuits

Integrated power supplies

Arc resistant at altitude

CW power levels at greater than 2kW

MegaRF Design has been designing these types for switches for decades.  We have the lowest cost, most reliable designs. 

Splitters / Combiners

High power and high frequency RF combiners in the form of:

Microstrip / Stripline:
Lange, Branchline, Broadside, Ratrace, Wilkinson, Gysel, Dual Mode, Serial, Radial


Branchguide, Short Slot, Multihole, Spatial, Serial

Very low loss and very high power designs.  5000W with PCB designs and 500000W with waveguide designs. 


Design of amplifiers (very high power and very low noise) with all the latest technologies such as SiC, GaN, LDMOS, VDMOS, SiGe, InP, GaAs and Si Bipolar.

Class A, A/B, B, C, F, E

Outphasing, ET, EER

Doherty, Linearization

LNA (low noise)

Designs covering very wide bandwidths from 10 MHz to 6.0 GHz, 6 to 18 GHz, 24 to 32 GHz, and 2 to 20 GHz at high powers extending up to 5000W in solid state.  Low frequency designs down to 9kHz. 

Expert RF and Microwave engineering design service consultants.  RF design is extensive covering all facets of the field.  Knowledgeable in analog and digital design.  Strengths at leading a technical team to produce cost effective, on time solutions.  Well rounded in all aspects of R&D through production products including military programs, commercial products and consumer endeavors.  Successful from product conception to hardware delivery.  Let us help you with the following:

Electromagnetic DesigN

EM simulation using 3D tools and 2D / 2.5D tools in HFSS, Sonnet, MWO, or Genesys.

Wire, patch and microstrip antennas.

Many types of waveguide designs and RF launches. 

Material issues from transmission lines, absorbers, terminations, coating, plating, PCBs, thermal transfer and more.

EMI / EMC design and troubleshooting.


Develop analog circuitry used in hardware ranging from:

DC/DC design up to 600V.

High current DC designs and buses.

Quick gating of the RF transistors via drains or gates.

RF detector circuitry and modularization

level shifting circuits.

VVA drivers with breakpoints for linearization.

Pulse shaping

VSWR monitoring and more.

RF Components

MegaRF makes a full line of RF and Microwave components.

Design of nonlinear components such as limiters, detectors, PIN attenuators, mixers and multipliers.

Filter design within all mediums (microstrip, stripline, suspended substrate, waveguide, tunable, cavity and lump element) and frequencies up to 63 GHz.

Chip and wire component designs from basic MMIC layouts to high frequency MIC broadband designs.

Design SERVICES & Experience

Everything Else

Design of full transceiver designs with multiple up/down conversions including link margin analysis and frequency planning.

MTBF analysis via parts count or stress analysis (217F, 217Plus, Bellcore).

Material issues from transmission lines, absorbers, terminations, coating, plating, PCBs, thermal transfer and more.

ATE software routines in LabVIEW.

Team Leader

We provide support internally at your facility or offsite at ours.

Proposal writing for new contracts and products.

Developing RF laboratory and production procedures.

Design and project lead for RF hardware platforms.

Expert witness.

Test Services

MegaRF has a full suite of test equipment up to 18GHz and above. 

Vector Network Analyzers
Power Meters
Real Time Spectrum Analyzers
RF Signal Generators
RF Sweepers
Power Supplies (low and high power)
Modulation Analyzers
Function and Waveform Generators
Environmental Chamber

And More

professional RF / Microwave consulting, Testing anD Product Development